• 3 empowering self-care rituals

    3 Empowering Self-Care Rituals That Transformed my Life & Business

    Love yourself more in 2021 and start today by implementing any of these 3 empowering self-care rituals. They transformed my life and business, and that could be you too.

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  • 3 Tips to start your day as your most inspired self

    At Bloem & Moi we believe self-care leads to self-love, which leads to a better world. Your morning routine is the best time to set the tone and intention for the entire day ahead. I love to start my day in a way that works for me, bringing me a clear mind and inspired soul. Today I’m going to share with you 3 tips that will help you start your day on the right foot, as your most inspired self.

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  • woman in a bath, with flowers and leaves

    Cannabis is your total Self-Care Package

    Self-care is defined as any act that contributes positively to our mental and physical health. In the same way that a relaxing bath or deep meditation can better your life, so too can cannabis impact you in ways you scarcely imagined. Over the years, cannabis has taken a major hit for being advertised as a …

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  • hustle, female entrepreneur, chaos, working hard

    The Barcelona Aftermath

    I want to tell you about the week I returned from Barcelona – it was dramatic. So much so, I didn’t tell you about it when it happened – in a way, I’m still processing some stuff. I got back from Barcelona exhausted yet satisfied. I had a nice time with my mum, managed not …

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  • Cannabis chocolate recipe

    Homemade Cannabis Chocolate Recipe

    As cannabis becomes more and more mainstream across the world, we are finding more and more edibles on the market. This means that smoking or vaping cannabis is not the only way to consume it anymore! This is great news for those who have asthma or those who hate that cotton-mouth feeling you get after …

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  • Not My Strain

    I guess you’re just not the strain for my skin or for my mind,   Your Indica lips and Sativa hips turn out to be too unkind,   Your smokey allure can’t be a cure,   Because you make me feel so insecure,   I’ll try to find my strain although it always ends the …

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  • How weed helped me through depression

    I have suffered from depression since as far back as I can remember. I came from an abusive household, where most of the violence was directed at me. It swayed from extreme punishments for the most minor of things to extreme neglect where I received no warmth or care from my parents. School was not …

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