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  • Cannabis winter self care

    Cannabis Winter Self-Care Without the High

    Feel invigorated, deeply nourished and super cosy this winter: 3 wonderful tips to learn how cannabis can enhance your winter self-care.

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    Her independence caused offence to men, She never winced, sat on the fence nor needed saving, Ran her house so well it could almost sprint, No blouse, just jeans and never skint, Made to feel wrong for trying to be strong, But only when judgemental, mentally weak come along, They represent the bleak as they …

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  • Sex and Cannabis Real Talk

    Here, at Bloem & Moi, we like to focus on the empowerment of women. And what would a female empowerment site be without discussing sex and all its wonders?   Female sexuality is a topic that, like cannabis, has been becoming more and more discussed in both scientific and social communities. After centuries of the …

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