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  • Tea-time Q&A

    In this Tea-Time Out with Amandine I answer all your questions about herbal teas, including the best way to steep your herbs, what the deal is with hot tea and heat, how to find out the quality of your herbs, what you can add to your teas, how much herbal tea it’s safe to drink and more!

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  • The benefits of tea blending

    The benefits of tea blending

    Often it’s through difficulty that we discover new interests as we search for ways to mend ourselves. That was the case for me as I discovered tea blending coming out of a period of depression which saw me leave my corporate job and launch my own business.

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  • The Magic of Tea Blending

    The magic of tea blending

    Creating my custom tea blends is a rich, sensory creative process and one that I greatly enjoy. Read more as I share about the exact steps I take to create my bespoke organic tea …

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  • What tea to drink?

    Herbal, Black, Green, White Tea … What to Drink and Why?

    The type of tea you drink daily will make a big difference in your overall health and energy levels. I’m going to help you figure out which tea, black, white, green or herbal, you should be drinking and why. By sharing with you some essentials basics about all of those teas, hopefully, you will be able to make that decision for yourself. 

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