Bloem & Moi’s Tea Alchemy Workshop


Bloem & Moi’s Tea Alchemy Workshop

Do you love tea or plant medicine, and want to have fun while learning more about it?


 Do you want to learn more about what your body needs, and how to provide it?

What if you could center yourself through an intentional cup of tea?

Join me on Friday 18th June 2021 for a special Tea Alchemy Workshop!


This interactive workshop will empower you to experiment and create your own herbal tea blends, with a special focus on creating teas that feel special, intentional, and like self-care.


You’ll learn:

We’ll begin with a quick overview of tea basics, covering the different types of tea and how they can be used. Once we’re all on the same page with a strong foundation, we’ll take an inside look at 11 different herbs, including hemp. We’ll explore their benefits, how they’re used, and the main points about them. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with them… that’s the fun of it!

Then, stay tuned for an interactive tea blending session where you can create your own herbal tea blends! We’ll focus on being intentional about our tea, and what ingredients our bodies are telling us they need. This is a great opportunity to practice connecting with yourself, and really listening to what your body needs. It is a beautiful opportunity to take the time to reflect and use your creativity and have fun at the same time!

As summer solstice approaches, join Amandine to welcome the new season! 

Spend a fun and calming tea time out with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Create, experiment, laugh, learn… and enjoy some delicious tea!

Our Tea VIP ticket includes:

This tailored-for-you package will make you feel like a true Tea VIP – and set you up for some successful self-care during AND after the workshop!

Tea VIP tickets must be purchased before Wednesday 2nd June 2021 4.00 PM CEST to allow shipping time. Exclusive for 30 Tea VIPs only!


Friday 18th June, 2021

4.00PM Paris / 3.00PM London / 10.00AM New York

Amandine’s teas are delicious and deeply nourishing – I love them! Prepared with care and a profound knowledge of what she’s creating they are a precious gift💗

– Stephanie Lisa Kelly

About Bloem & Moi

Bloem & Moi’s Tea Alchemy Workshop will be led by the CEO and Femme Founder, Amandine Ayala.

Amandine believes in the powerful benefits of plants and their ability to heal and inspire. 

She aspires to a world where plant medicine is available to all those who need it; where being medicated isn’t attached to a stigma and putting yourself first is a sign of strength and balance.

Her unshakable belief – self-care leads to self-love, which ultimately creates a better world – is the foundation of Bloem & Moi’s purpose.


Buy your ticket here:

A little extra info...

Yes! You will have access to the replay for 14 days within the private Facebook group dedicated to the event.

Absolutely! This workshop is for all levels.  It’s a perfect starting point to learn the basics and benefits of herbs and how to tune into your body and create your own blends.

The Tea VIP provides you with the full tea alchemy experience; from the selection of the herbs in your tailored VIP box, to the tea that you can enjoy before, during and after the workshop. Learn even more with the exclusive recipe cards written and curated by Amandine.

Need to know more?

No problem. Email hello@bloemetmoi.com and let’s talk about it!

Reflect. Refocus. Refuel. With Tea Alchemy.

Join Amandine to learn how to incorporate herbs into your daily routine to support your daily wellbeing.