We are BLOEM & MOI.
We believe in the power of plants to heal and inspire.

Our mission is to expand the conscious use of Cannabis. We make delicious, organic, hemp-based tea blends with naturally occurring Cannabidiol (CBD)  and botanical self-care products to help you find what you seek, from a good night’s sleep to that breath of fresh air you’ve been needing today.

Born from French roots and Dutch no-nonsense, we believe in making self-care effortless – using nature, and nothing else. We know the journey to self-love isn’t always a walk in the park, and how tough it can be to make time for yourself. We’re here to show you the way – with plenty of exploration, courage and compassion.

Our Celebrated CBD Tea Blends

Amandine’s teas are delicious and deeply nourishing – I love them! Prepared with care and a profound knowledge of what she’s creating they are a precious gift💗

– Stephanie Lisa Kelly

New to CBD?

We hand-pick our partners and the products we offer to guide you in this journey of exploration.

Stories & Education

Let our voices be heard: read up on self-care, plants, and personal experiences to inspire your own journey.

  • Herbs: incorporating them into your daily life

    It’s remarkably simple to start adding more herbs to your daily life; through food, infusions, cosmetics, essential oils and flower essences you can greatly increase your self-care and physical and emotional wellbeing with plants.

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  • Why sleep matters

    Sleep is the most important support function of the body; it’s when our bodies regenerate and is the prerequisite for good health and the normal functioning of all our bodily systems. Certain herbs can help.

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  • Tea-time Q&A

    In this Tea-Time Out with Amandine I answer all your questions about herbal teas, including the best way to steep your herbs, what the deal is with hot tea and heat, how to find out the quality of your herbs, what you can add to your teas, how much herbal tea it’s safe to drink and more!

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