Bloem & Moi creates luxury hemp-based tea blends for busy people to help them prioritise their self-care, so they can achieve their deeper individual mission and be more aligned, effective leaders in their life and businesses. 

We know that taking the time to listen to our bodies and care for ourselves looks different in different seasons of life, and can be anything from enjoying a cup of our handmade tea blends to going for a 7am run. And self-care has benefits beyond the moment: it’s a deeper act of self-love. This love fills us up and allows us to work in our businesses from a place of overflow – meaning we can give more and have a greater impact. This is how we’ll grow more successful businesses, and how we’ll change the world.

Each of our organic, premium, hemp-based teas is blended with a purpose, whether that’s a better night’s sleep or alleviating the signs of hormonal imbalance. And all of our teas are blended with the same intention: for busy people, in particular women in business, to feel the self-love that comes from taking 20 minutes to sit quietly, sip and savour time just for you.

We believe in conscious cannabis self-care and how it can help us return to our bodies. Learn more about our luxury hemp tea blends, tea alchemy workshops or work with us to elevate your client experience with your signature bespoke tea blend for events and business – for a brand that stands out and containers that sell out.


Everything we do at Bloem & Moi is driven by our values of compassion, courage and exploration. 

Compassion: We believe it’s possible to build a successful business with compassion – for ourselves, our clients, our community and the planet. We use our influence and resources to advocate for diversity, equity and animal rights. Love is our guiding principle, and we wouldn’t want to grow our business any other way.

Courage: As women entrepreneurs we need courage to speak up when society has always told us to be quiet, to do the hard things needed to build and run our businesses, and to challenge ourselves to be better businesswomxn and humans. Our founder Amandine always says, “Nothing grows in your comfort zone”, and we strive to do one courageous thing each day.

Exploration: We believe in the importance of curiosity and having an open mind and heart approach to the way we do business. We explore both our inner worlds and what’s happening in the outside world. Remaining curious and asking questions like, Why?, and, Who is this affecting?, is the key to understanding ourselves and others. We practice exploration over judgement. 

Our compassion for the planet, and desire to preserve and protect the magical gift of nature, directs all of our business decisions. Bloem & Moi’s delicious tea blends are made with plants grown organically in Europe, including organic hemp, naturally occurring in cannabidiol (CBD). Our delightful packaging is meant to be refilled and repurposed, and everything else is either recycled or compostable. To reduce our carbon footprint, we focus on partnering with local businesses for our premium herbal products and endeavour to use the most sustainable packaging for every delivery. We love to support womxn entrepreneurs and the brands in our shop are held to our same organic hemp standards and share similar values. 

Hemp tea 101


Logo for Last Prisoner ProjectAlthough there have been global improvements in legalising cannabis there is still a great stigma around its use, particularly for black and brown people. Historically, the cannabis industry has discriminated against disenfranchised groups, a legacy that continues to cause harm today. We dream of a world where everyone has access to cannabis and no-one is imprisoned for cannabis offences, and we support organisations that focus on achieving this mission. 



I’m Amandine, the Tea Alchemist behind the Bloem & Moi blends. As a girl in the South of France I shared cups of lemon verbena with my mother every evening. These days, tea is a foundational part of my self-care.

My favourite moments are the peaceful times between dinner and returning to work for the evening, enjoying a cup of tea with a joint, my Kitty on my lap and some music playing in the background. I wasn’t always this good at prioritising self-care though. It was only a few years ago that I worked in corporate, driving myself hard to meet the demands of my office. Then I left and started my first business, but became paralysed by perfectionism, unable to take it forward.

So I stopped to ask myself: What do I need right now?

I’d been drinking herbal teas my whole life, but it wasn’t until I answered that question that I realised the importance of acting with intention. I sat with cup after cup, and let myself just be. Tea was a big part of my discovery of self-care, and the idea for Bloem & Moi was born. 

I became a conscious cannabis user a few years ago as well, as part of my spiritual journey. It pushed me to consider the reason I was smoking and what I wanted to get from the experience. I started researching the cannabis plant, its various strains, and was amazed at its versatility and incredible benefits.  

Cannabis can be used for creativity, energy, mental health, and so many other things, which is what inspired me to make it the base for my tea blends. As a conscious cannabis entrepreneur, I’m committed to helping mentalities about cannabis evolve. I’m the founder of the Conscious Cannabis Club, an organisation that supports other women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. One day, I hope people will see cannabis as a plant like any other, and that anyone who needs its healing, restorative or therapeutic powers will be able to access it with ease and without judgement. 

As a lifelong animal lover, I’m also committed to doing my part to create sanctuaries for vulnerable creatures. Growing up my family had cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, fish, tortoises, a pig, chickens and rabbits! Cats have always had a special place in my heart, and my Kitty has lived with me in the UK, Amsterdam and France. 

There’s room for all compassionate, courageous and curious entrepreneurs at the Bloem & Moi table. Whether you’re a comfortable cannabis consumer or exploring new forms of self-care, you’re welcome to browse our blog for helpful information and of course, pick up one of our luxury hemp teas made especially with you in mind.



Have a question, suggestion or comment? Please get in touch! 

You can email our team at hello@bloemetmoi.com We love to get mail. 😉


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