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let’s CREATE your bespoke signature blend and ELEVATE your CLIENTs’ EXPERIENCE with A customised, luxurious GIFT that EMBODIES YOUR work AND BUSINESS.




It all comes back to the client experience. 

Creating an experience that makes your clients, students, retreat guests, or others feel heard, appreciated, and special is no easy feat.

Bulk-made corporate gifts never seem quite right. And even “customised” corporate gifts don’t accurately reflect the way you want your clients to feel after working with you.



Elevate the client experience with a gift that reflects your values and the work you do.

Strengthen that connection with your clients, the one that made them choose you in the first place.

Transport your clients back in time to that session, retreat, or class so they can feel all the feels again.

Provide additional value that your clients and customers just won’t get anywhere else.

Gift your clients with a unique self-care experience that makes a lasting impression.

That’s the power of a bespoke tea blend.


Hi, I’m Amandine, founder of Bloem & Moi.

I create bespoke tea blends for womxn entrepreneurs like you as a way to provide even more value for your clients. By crafting a customised tea blend that embodies your business, I help you create a unique experience with every sip.

After getting to know you and your business, I work to create a tailored tea blend that embodies your values and personality and the values and personality of your brand. My goal is to create a bespoke blend that evokes just the right experience you want clients, customers, students, or retreat guests to have at the start or end of your work together.

You decide how your blend will be. Relaxing, healing, inspiring, rejuvenating – there are so many options. With the tailored, custom tea blend, you’re giving your clients more than just a gift. You’re giving them a form of self-care that’s unique to your business. Your tea blend can become an integral and delightful part of your branding – something that really sets you apart by making your clients feel special.

I look forward to creating something amazing and special with you that will add extra value to your business!

Make a lasting impression with a customised tea blend for your business.

Whether you’re creating a customized tea blend to give as a client gift or sell as a unique addition to your product business, a bespoke tea blend from Bloem & Moi is a special way to make a lasting impression.

Here are just a few of the ways that a bespoke tea blend can become part of your client experience:

Make your VIP day clients truly feel special by gifting a specialised tea blend at the beginning or end of your engagement.

  • Welcome new clients to your business with a tea blend that sets the tone for your work together.
  • Give the gift of tea to clients at the end of your project or engagement to send them off in a way that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Include a bespoke tea blend as part of your welcome or thank you package at virtual or in-person retreats.
  • Introduce new clients to your membership or group coaching program with a tea blend that embodies your business.
  • Add a tailored tea blend to swag bags for virtual or in-person events to be remembered long after the event is over.
  • Bring a whole new experience to your product business with a blend that’s unique to your brand.

The possibilities are endless as every single blend I create for women entrepreneurs is unique to her brand, embodying her business values and personality in every cup.

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Co-Creation: The Process

A customised tea blend tailored to the unique nature of your business is the perfect way to appreciate, thank, delight, relax, inspire or just make your clients feel special.

I’ve created a process that allows us to co-create a tea blend that embodies your business values and personality while evoking the experience or emotion you’d like to leave your clients with.


The process begins with a 1-hour consultation where we dive deep into your business. I get to know what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for. Then, I learn more about your values and personality as well as how you want your audience to feel.

Defining all of these elements is the first step as these are all things that I will infuse into your tea blend, making it the embodiment of your brand and client experience. 


Once I have all the information I need about your brand, I get to work doing research that allows me to select the perfect herbs for your tea blend. I try different proportions until I find the perfect blend to embody all of the things we discussed in our consultation

Tea Sampling

Within 10 business days, I will send off your tea sample. You’ll get 5 grams of tea (around 5 cups) to sample, savor, and enjoy.

Then, you’ll provide me with feedback on the sample. If we need to tweak the recipe a bit, then the process starts again, and you’ll receive a sample of the new blend in 10 business days. If you already love it, we move on to final delivery

Final Delivery

Once the blend is everything you hoped it would be, you will receive your loose tea! You can continue to refill your tea for an additional cost as detailed in the Bespoke price list.

Hemp tea 101


"Working with Amandine is always an absolute joy! I have wanted to create my own herbal tea blend for many years - for the whole of the last decade that I have been an acupuncturist treating in clinic... When we look at food, herbs + spices from a Chinese Medicine perspective, we know they can help support us in many different ways... This is why I am SO excited about my signature tea, the SACRED REST BLEND, that Amandine helped me bring to life - because I know it will help so many of my people have a cup of calming restoration at home..."
Rhiannon Griffiths
Acupuncture | Yin Yoga | Coaching
"After trying Amandine's blends I had to get my own blend to sell at Hannabis. I sat down with Amandine on a zoom call & told her my vision. I wanted something that was like Hannabis in a cup, something that really made you think of our brand. We agreed that it should be a spiritual/witchy blend & I left it in Amandine's capable hands. A little while later I received two separate blends that Amandine had created especially for me. I tried them both & picked my favourite. We have now been selling this blend for a few months & it's our most popular tea across the entire site. It's so delicious & Amandine is a delight to work with. I can't wait to have some more bespoke blends"
Hannah Wenn
Director of Hannabis


Our bespoke herbal blend packages start at € 1888.

If you’re ready to step up your branding and add even more value to your clients with something really unique, let’s talk!

Book a discovery call to see if this special, customised gift is the right fit for your business.

If you’d like to know more about our teas, please get in touch!