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Bloem & Moi presents Nuit – the hemp-based, organic herbal tea blend, with naturally-occurring CBD. Comes in beautiful glass jars, perfect to preserve your tea.


  • Hemp, naturally-occurring in CBD
  • Camomille
  • Valerian
  • Lime flower
  • Created and personally tested by Femme Founder Amandine

100% natural ingredients, VEGAN, Made in AMSTERDAM


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Don’t toss and turn.

Nuit is a calming and relaxing herbal tea blend for your evenings.

Sweet dreams.

*BLOEM ET MOI TIP: why not enjoy your herbal tea after or during a luxurious calming bath with the CBD Relax Bath Bomb for an all around deeply relaxing experience right before bed.


  • 15g: 15-17 cups of tea
  • 30g: 30-35 cups of tea

Read The Story Behind Bloem & Moi’s Hemp Tea Blend – Nuit

Told first hand by Amandine Femme Founder of Bloem & Moi:

“After having such wonderful results on myself with Respire, I just knew teas were a wonderful way to help people. And everybody loves tea! It is also such a great way to introduce Hemp, cannabis, as a plant. And remind people, it is just that, a plant. That you can have it in your tea, and that it has wonderful botanical benefits. But also that it’s not gonna make you high, that it’s not gonna be dangerous and that you won’t go to prison for it!

For my next blend, I started asking around and the main thing people said they were struggling with was sleep. Personally I’m lucky because I’ve always been a great sleeper, but I wanted to help.

Herbs & their beautiful benefits:

So I got to work and looked into herbs that help for sleep, which most of them I already knew. So after that, it was a case of finding the right proportions for my new blend.

Some of those herbs in the tea are quite strong, like Valerian root. It is very strong and it’s not for everybody’s taste. So I knew that if I wanted to put Valerian in my blend I needed to make sure it was not overpowering. I have, and I’m very happy with the result. Because Valerian is a mild herbal sedative, so that’s wonderful for sleep.

Chamomile is a really well known one and I really love that it’s a flower. I want to have a flower in all of my teas, and with the yellow it really works nicely.

Linden or lime flower, is a lovely calming herb and also aesthetically looks very nice in the tea. And I love its gentle subtle taste.

Hemp which is the base for all my teas, with its naturally occurring CBD. Known to help with sleep.

I hope you will enjoy Nuit and all its amazing benefits as much as I enjoyed creating it!”

*Read the stories about the creation of RESPIRE and FEMME tea blends.


  • Hemp
  • Camomille
  • Valerian
  • Lime flower

100% natural ingredients, VEGAN, Made in AMSTERDAM


You can get a refill for your favourite tea in recyclable brown paper bags to transfer into our glass jar or your own container. Refills are available in 15g, 30g and 50g.

For refills go HERE.

Created and personally tested by Femme Founder Amandine.

Weight 500 g

15 grams, 30 grams, 50 grams

  1. Frankie (verified owner)

    Great tea for getting me to sleep – the valerian gives that chamomile an extra kick, and also bumps up the flavour. I love the way this tastes/smell – my kitty also loves the smell and I find her rubbing her face on my mug when I make a cuppa!

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