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  • Cannabis winter self care

    Cannabis Winter Self-Care Without the High

    Feel invigorated, deeply nourished and super cosy this winter: 3 wonderful tips to learn how cannabis can enhance your winter self-care.

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  • Cannabis and Mental Health

    Cannabis and mental health. These are two topics that many people would not think overlap. But they do. And they should.   Mental illnesses are genuine mental conditions that affect a person’s emotions, thinking, behaviour and/or functioning. They are far more common than people believe; however, due to the stigmas attached to mental illness in …

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  • Dear Anxiety,

    An open letter to an old friend and foe

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  • woman in the city, urban life, night time

    Her Urban Owning

    The urban concrete cube she owned started to own her, insomnia made each corner seem to now point inwards like intrusive fingers approaching while accusing her,   The loud over-encumbered street, the neighbours, in every direction marching feet, felt like a metallic woodpecker pecking, her energy it succeeded at wrecking,   The 24-hour news cycle …

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  • How weed helped me through depression

    I have suffered from depression since as far back as I can remember. I came from an abusive household, where most of the violence was directed at me. It swayed from extreme punishments for the most minor of things to extreme neglect where I received no warmth or care from my parents. School was not …

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  • THC – does it only get you high or can it really help?

      THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound found in cannabis responsible for that high feeling. It is one of the main psychoactive components of cannabis, along with CBN, cannabinol. It is one of the most well-known compounds.   Due to its psychoactive properties, many people disregard THC as possibly offering health benefits. But it does – …

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  • April Breakdown and the Spiral of Life

    April, April, April. You were intense. Warm, and very cold. Fun, and very tiring. Committed. Determined. Swaying back to old ways, and teaching those lessons again. Overwhelming at times. But oh-so-worth-it.

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  • 8 everyday uses for cannabis that will surprise you

    More often than not, when we think of cannabis, we think of stoner guys, hot boxing in their parents’ basements, wasting away their lives. Unfortunately, this twisted view of the plant, perpetuated by pop culture media, has limited the views of many people when it comes to the everyday uses of cannabis. In recent years, …

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  • A(nother) tale of Overwhelm

    I’m experimenting.   Today, my Yogi tea said: ‘Life is a gift. Experience is the beauty.’   I’m experiencing.   This morning, I did not wake and bake. Hardly woke. Definitely not baked. I’m dogsitting in the West of Amsterdam for a few days – like a city break in my own city. Hardly a …

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