• Cannabis Consciousness, mindful weed smoking

    Conscious Cannabis Club

    The subconscious depressive feeling started to pull me down with no warning to flee, It avoiding my tired attempts of dismissal as it inhaled all my energy, What they can’t see is only happening to me,   Sinking in a toxic sludge like a prisoner to my lack of clear thoughts, The daunting task of …

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  • girl smoking against violet lights

    The Lady and the Joint

    The lady and the joint Not the type to hide or embellish the plant emblem on her clothing, Just the type to be engrossing in coping, open to all, never of anyone opposing, Glowing and smoking, while gleefully blowing support to any, many and plenty,   Not the type to overhype an online persona focusing …

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  • people passing a joint, cannabis smokers

    I Can’t Get High!

    How often have you heard the words, “No, no. You need to inhale it and keep it in for as long as you can to get high”? And you try but still, you can’t get high? I have met so many people who have tried weed once and given up on it immediately because they …

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  • woman in the city, urban life, night time

    Her Urban Owning

    The urban concrete cube she owned started to own her, insomnia made each corner seem to now point inwards like intrusive fingers approaching while accusing her,   The loud over-encumbered street, the neighbours, in every direction marching feet, felt like a metallic woodpecker pecking, her energy it succeeded at wrecking,   The 24-hour news cycle …

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  • cannabis party, going with the flow


    I arrived at the Friday night meeting to the smell of weed brownies, In an effort to get people to remember reminiscing the sensation of forgetting, People perched around the oven spitting out facts about some apparent white widow,   The group each take turns boasting about how they have mastered the recipe in their …

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    Her independence caused offence to men, She never winced, sat on the fence nor needed saving, Ran her house so well it could almost sprint, No blouse, just jeans and never skint, Made to feel wrong for trying to be strong, But only when judgemental, mentally weak come along, They represent the bleak as they …

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  • 4.20 (Attack)

    Four-twenty, Lip biting plenty, Heart empty, Minds free, Maybe too free, Lemme check and see, Vision blurry, I panic softly, What can it be, What’s wrong with me, An attack hits swiftly, I inhale deeply, The feeling fades slowly, The crushing pain starts to flee, Refusing the cycle seems the key,   Relentlessly, gently, internally …

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  • Not My Strain

    I guess you’re just not the strain for my skin or for my mind,   Your Indica lips and Sativa hips turn out to be too unkind,   Your smokey allure can’t be a cure,   Because you make me feel so insecure,   I’ll try to find my strain although it always ends the …

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  • Teardrop

    I don’t even feel you.   You’re there. You’re here. You’re the weight off my shoulders. You’re the one that got away. You make everyone uncomfortable. You make me smile. You make me learn. You make me grow. You keep going. You keep drowning. You keep me warm.   I feel you now.  

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