• The unplanned plan and personal self-care victory

    Routine and self-care go great together. But sometimes self-care means following your gut feeling, and going with the (unplanned) flow.

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  • battle

    My Self-Care Battle

    When I push myself too far again and have to learn that lesson all over again, it’s a bit of a slap in the face. An epic, necessary, loving slap though.

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  • woman burnout

    When my body said NON

    I’ve always had a tendency to workaholism. To excess in general. I’ve been through two professional burnouts. People call me passionate, ambitious, dedicated, determined, resilient, hard-working, loyal. It’s all true. I am all those things. The actual truth is, though: I work hard to prove to myself I am worthy. Worthy of love, support, attention, …

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  • Dear Anxiety,

    An open letter to an old friend and foe

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  • hustle, female entrepreneur, chaos, working hard

    The Barcelona Aftermath

    I want to tell you about the week I returned from Barcelona – it was dramatic. So much so, I didn’t tell you about it when it happened – in a way, I’m still processing some stuff. I got back from Barcelona exhausted yet satisfied. I had a nice time with my mum, managed not …

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  • A Tale of Barcelona & Social Cannabis Clubbing

    The Chaperone in Barcelona I spent last week in Barcelona chaperoning a group of 50 13-year olds.   The Plan I managed to negotiate a night away to meet a dear friend for tapas ‘and drops’. After a couple of days with teenagers (argh!), I was eager to find me-self some weed. And to smoke …

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  • April Breakdown and the Spiral of Life

    April, April, April. You were intense. Warm, and very cold. Fun, and very tiring. Committed. Determined. Swaying back to old ways, and teaching those lessons again. Overwhelming at times. But oh-so-worth-it.

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  • A(nother) tale of Overwhelm

    I’m experimenting.   Today, my Yogi tea said: ‘Life is a gift. Experience is the beauty.’   I’m experiencing.   This morning, I did not wake and bake. Hardly woke. Definitely not baked. I’m dogsitting in the West of Amsterdam for a few days – like a city break in my own city. Hardly a …

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  • A tale of overcoming self-doubt, joint, and caramel oat milk latte

    I facilitated a discussion around the topic of overcoming self-doubt at a women entrepreneurs networking event. Here’s how it all happened.

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